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After a productive seven years, the National Case Management Network (NCMN) has ceased operations.

Founded in 2006, the NCMN was the official voice for Case Management providers in Canada who use “a collaborative, client-driven process for the provision of quality health and support services promoting the effective and efficient use of resources. Case Management Providers support the clients’ achievement of safe, realistic, and reasonable goals within a complex health, social and fiscal environment” (NCMN, 2009).

Spear-headed by Joan Park, President, the national membership based, non-profit organization proactively pursued its goal to promote excellence and professionalism for Case Management through education, networking opportunities, and the establishment of standards of practice and core competencies.

With project funding from Health Canada in 2010 and 2012, NCMN published the Canadian Standards of Practice for Case Management and the Canadian Core Competency Profile for Case Management Providers. Both these documents are being used by academic institutions, employers and government agencies to optimize Canada’s health workforce under the increasingly demanding and complex healthcare needs of Canadians.

NCMN also produced a series of successful annual conferences for Case Management professionals. The presentations from the 2013 conference are available here.

Unfortunately, in the absence of core funding and the necessary membership base, NCMN was never able to achieve sustainability. As a result, a decision was made in 2014 that NCMN would cease operations.  

“But as supporters and providers of Case Management,” said Park, “I hope that everyone continues to promote excellence and professionalism in Case Management.”

“As an organization, we defined Case Management and gained recognition for Case Management as an important part of an integrated system. We should all be proud of that and know that as Canadians age, as they live with chronic illness and as they survive catastrophic injury and illness the demand for Case Management will grow dramatically.  The process of Case Management and the role of Case Management providers is a corner stone in the current context of system approaches to health care across Canada.”  

This website will remain up until February 2015.

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